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So she has no Kuja dosha Mars is not malefic. Ravi and Budha are in same house, gives Budha aaditya yoga. This gives the person, hale and healty life and sturdy body and Budha gives prosperity and success in business and he enjoys royal luxuries. This is Gaja-kesari yogam, this gives the person healthy and happy life, and high level of prosperity.

He enjoys long life span and gets high level of education. He gains name and fame. Adhi yogam : If there are benefic planets in 6th, 7th, and or 8th house, from the house of Moon, the person is prosperous, and gains name and fame. Sukra is in 6thhouse and Guru and Budha are in 7th house.

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So he enjoys royal comforts all his life. Lagna-adhi yogam : If Jupiter or Venus are associated with Mercury in the 6th ,7th or 8th houses or if they are spread out in these three houses without any malefic association, a very beneficial yoga known as Lagnadhi yoga is formed, the effects of which are as under :- "The person born under the Lagnadhi yoga will become a minister, a commander or a ruler of a District or Province.

He will have one wife only, will be well-behaved, long-lived, virtuous and without foes. Longevity : Saturn the signficator of aayu, logevity is in upachaya 11th house; laabham in friends house;the lord of 8th house aayu-sthana is Jupiter and is in 7th house kendra forming strong Gaja-kesari yoga. If three benefics stay in Kendra Sri Narayana-sthana houses, the person enjoys prosperity and happiness in life.

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His strong 7th house with two benefics Guru and Budha in it,ensures health, wealth, longevity and happiness to his wife and he is blessed with a noble and a beautiful lady with many accomplishments as his wife. This young man earned a B. Degrees from a highly reputed University in U. He is highly intelligent and resourceful and hard-working and dedicated to his profession. They live happily now and well-settled in U. Bride-groom : Sri. Abhishek Bachan. Important Note I take Bhava chart for predictions; but not Rasi chart. Bhava chart takes the birth lagnam ascendant position as standard reference point and gives more accurate predictions.

This is my experience during the past 45 years of practice as Astrologer- Scientist. They lead a happy and fruitful married life. Based on birth stars of bride and groom Koot Abhishek Bachchan Revati Kuja Dosha analysis : According to ancientRishis , Mangala Dosha can occur when Mars is placed in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house from the birth-lagna, Moon.

We must take the position of Venus Sukra as the reference house, because Sukra is the ruling planet for conjugal life and marriage. Kuja Mangal, Angaraka, Mars Dosha Malefic Effects Kuja dosha affects the married life of a person in many ways it creates delays, cheating, hurdles and obstacles in getting married. After marriage one of the partners or both the partners can suffer physical, mental or financial hardships. It causes mutual disputes, allegations and counter-allegations and may even lead to separation of the couple.

If Kuja Dosha is pronounced, one of the partners may remain ill or there may be untimely death of either one or both the partners. Mars in 5th house from Venus so there is no Kuja dosha from Venus. Mars is in 6th house from Venus so there is no Kuja dosha from Venus So according to many astrologers, we need not be scared of Mangala Dosha.

Efforts should be made for a person having Mangala Dosha to marry another person with Mangala Dosha because when the dosha is similar, it gets nullified and the couple leads a happy married life. In my opinion, the Kuja dosha is reduced in intensity but not totally removed. In this case, their married life shall be happy and fruitful, because Kuja Dosha is reduced to minimum level in the aspect of marriage.

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Is this combination is benefic? I have jupiter in 4th house in cancer sign and moon in 7th house in libra then what affect will give gajakesari yoga.

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I have gajakesari yog. Im 7 house.. Iam 24 years old when good time start? I have moon in 1st house and Jupiter, mars and Venus in 4th house is that gajakesari yoga. I have gajkesari yoga in 12th house and dhanu lagna what will be the effect. Gaja means elephant and Kesari means lion, elephant and lion both are most powerful in forest and you can imagine when they will come together how much power they can deliver.

This is general meaning which we you found in many charts but all are not king why?

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Yes because of this big why from audience, I had written this article for you guys. Gaja kesari yoga vedic astrology shows angular position Jupiter moon, Gajkesari Yoga can take place when Jupiter and Moon is in quadrant from each other gajakesari yoga jupiter. Here is much confusion and loopholes are there such as where Moon should be in Kendra from Jupiter or vice versa, so I will start gajakesari yoga analysis and discuss this gajakesari yoga details in gajakesari yoga in kundli.

This is the reason many astrologers take lagna chart ascendant into consideration for this yoga. Gaj Kesari Yoga effect or gajakesari yoga benefits. Who is born with Jupiter moon Yoga destroys enemies, like a lion kills. The person attains governing position. The word Guru in Sanskrit means big, large, and heavy. Why this combination is so auspicious:.

It is because Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and Moon is exalted in Taurus. Both these signs are third and eleventh sign from each other.

That is why due to the position of Moon in the kendra house from Jupiter, it is in the eleventh house which is against the rules of Gajakesari Yoga. The auspiciousness of this yogas gets reduced when the signs of these planets are not located in Kendra. If any of these two planets are located in the exalted sign, the person gets auspicious results. Because these signs are located in the kendra house from Cancer, Gajakesari Yoga is created in which Jupiter and Moon both are located in char signs. On one hand where this yoga increases the mobility of your profession, on the other hand, it may also bring wealth and economic benefits for you.

Gaja Kesari Yoga in Dual-natured Signs If Jupiter is located in dual-natured sign such as Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces and Gajakesari Yoga is also created, in that case, Moon should also be located in one of the dual-natured signs because only then this yoga will be formed.

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Hence, it is clear that Jupiter and Moon both are in either Char, Stable or dual-natured signs when Gajakesari Yoga is created. Gajakesari Yoga and Weak Position of Jupiter and Moon Just as Jupiter and Moon can not be located in the exalted signs during Gajakesari Yoga, similarly they can not be located in the debilitated sign in this yoga.

Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn and Moon in Scorpio. These two signs share a reciprocal relationship when they are third and eleventh from each other. According to the rules of Gajakesari Yoga, Moon should be in the kendra house from Jupiter. Therefore if this yoga is created in the birth-chart then one of these planets should be debilitated. The karak elements of the planet which is debilitated in this yoga gets affected. Article Categories: Kundli Astrology Yoga.